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Wild Cherry utensils

Wild Cherry Spoons
and Spatulas
Wild Cherry Spoons and Spatulas

These beautifully finished kitchen utensils are made of stainless steel (whisk #WCS010 is copper) and/or  wild cherry wood.  Hangers are copper.  Functional and decorative.  Order individual pieces below.

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Copper Whisk 10" Lil Dipper Spoon
Saute Tool 11" Big Bowl Slotted Spoon
Soup Ladle Pie Server
Strainer Spoon Cherry Scraper Spoon
Pancake Spatula Spaddle
Spatula Hook Racks

Copper Whisk
Copper Whisk

Copper Whisk
Item No: WCS010
Qty:Price: $44.00

Saute Tool 
Saute Tool
Sauté Tool (14"long)
Item No: WCS001

Qty:Price: $34.00

Soup Ladle/Dipper
Soup Ladle
Soup Ladle/Dipper (16" long)
Item No: WCS008
Qty:Price: $72.00

Strainer Spoon
Strainer Spoon
Strainer Spoon (with holes) (12" long)
Item No: WCS007
Qty:Price: $44.00

Pancake Spatula
Pancake Spatula
Pancake Spatula
Item No: WCS003
Qty:Price: $36.00

Item No: WCS004
Qty:Price: $34.00

Spoon (10" long)
Item No: WCS006
Qty:Price: $42.00

 Lil Dipper Spoon
Lil Dipper
Lil Dipper Spoon (10" long)
Item No: WCS032
Qty:Price: $42.00

 Big Bowl Slotted Spoon
Big Bowl Slotted
Big Bowl Slotted Spoon (11" long)
Item No: WCS033
Qty:Price: $52.00

Pie Server
Pie Server
Pie Server  (14" long)
Item No: WCS002
Qty:Price: $34.00

Cherry Scraper Spoon
Cherry Scraper Spoon
Scraper Spoon
Item No: WCS011
Qty:Price: $44.00

Spaddle (12" long)
Item No: WCS012
Qty:Price: $32.00

Our solid wild cherry racks are perfect for hanging kitchen utensils pictured on this page.  Of course, they are suitable for many other items as well.  Each rack has solid copper hooks.  Spaces between hooks will vary from rack to rack (typically hooks are spaced 2 1/8" to 21/2" apart).

Curved 7-Hook Rack
Curved Seven Hook Rack

7-Hook Curved Rack (17" wide, 4 1/2" high)
Item No: WCS021
Qty:Price: $44.00

Curved 5-Hook Rack
Curved Five Hook Rack

5-Hook Curved Rack (14" wide, 3 1/2" high)
Item No: WCS030
Qty:Price: $34.00

5-Hook Rack
Five Hook Rack

5-Hook Rack (12" wide)
Item No: WCS020
Qty:Price: $21.00

4-Hook Rack

Four Hook Rack

4-Hook Rack (10" wide)
Item No: WCS031
Qty:Price: $16.50

3-Hook Rack
Three Hook Rack

3-Hook Rack (8" wide)
Item No: WCS017
Qty:Price: $14.50

2-Hook Rack
Two Hook Rack

2-Hook Rack (6 1/2" wide)
Item No: WCS016
Qty:Price: $12.50



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