Winter Greetings & Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Village Craftsmen!

Congratulations are in order for several Village Craftsmen employees:

— Mary Brown, and her husband, Matt, and their daughter, Elicia, on the birth of Mary & Matt’s second child, Hannah Rae.

— Travis and April Brown on the birth of their first child, Ava.

— And, of course, for Jude & Frank Brown, proud grandparents.

We wish them all the best as their family grows.

In spite of the cold (it’s actually been below freezing several days these past few months), the normal winter quietude, and the repercussions from Hurricane Isabel & other winter storms, islanders are starting to make preparations for warmer weather with the expectation of another busy summer season.

No one is neglecting to savor  these last few weeks of the “off-season,” but folks are beginning to look ahead.  Residents and business owners are making repairs to their homes and shops.  People are removing the last of the trees that toppled during the hurricane.  And, business managers are assessing their inventories and placing their spring orders.

Several restaurants and other businesses, including Village Craftsmen, will be open Valentine’s weekend, and perhaps during the week as well.  Please stop by and say hello if you plan to be on the island.

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, my big project for this year is the rehabilitation of my grandparents’ 1860’s era home, just around the corner from Village Craftsmen.

The Homer & Aliph Howard Home ca. 1932:


I have created a new web page with more information about this project. Click here to read more and to view vintage photos of this property as well as current photos (both inside and outside) documenting our progress.

Until next time, we wish you well, and hope to see you on your next visit to Ocracoke.

Philip and the entire staff of Village Craftsmen