Welcome to Village Craftsmen’s first ever island crossword puzzle.

I created this puzzle myself.  I’d never done anything like this before.  I didn’t realize that it would be as difficult as it was.  But I think it turned out fairly well.  There are  eleven entries that have obvious Ocracoke connections.  I used one foreign word, several abbreviations, a nickname, a few rather obscure references, and a couple of oddities.  But, unlike “crossword puzzles” that I remember from fourth grade worksheets, I made this one symetrical, just like professionally created crossword puzzles.  It may not be quite as sophisticated as the puzzle in your daily paper (even they frequently use odd combinations of letters, abbreviations, and abstruse words), but I think most people will find it fun to tackle.

From February 15, 2008 until February 23, 2008 we ran a crossword puzzle contest.  From among the correct solutions to this puzzle that were sent to us we chose, at random, a lucky winner.  And that winner was Lynn from South Boston, Virginia. Congratulations, Lynn!  Your prize is a $25.00 gift certificate to the Village Craftsmen.

You can still try your hand at the puzzle, just for fun.  If you need the solution you can click here.  But don’t peek until you’ve exhausted all your patience!

Have fun!

I spelled “Nassau” wrong, so everyone gets 59 across free.  Sorry about that!

Across 41  Lge diving seabird Down 33  Opposite of finish in New Yawk
1  File 43  19th letter 1  Bombastic speech 35  ___luk boots
5  With 5 Down, Ocracoke’s most famous pirate 44  Desire 2  38th Gov of Calif 36  Common contraction
10  __ __ far as 45  Positive or negative terminal 3  A true “S” corp? 38  See 25 Across
14  Solo melody 46  Investment 4  Underwear 39  Equals
15  Work 47  With 50 Down, Ocracoke’s 1832 landmark 5  See 5 Across 42  Beginnings
16  Tailless leaping amphibian 48  Sometimes they are varicose 6  Listening devices 44  What you want to do in Vegas
17  4 14s of 26 50  Term of endearment 7  Basketball org (1967-1976) 46  “There’s a saint ___ ___ of us”
18  Ancestors of Ocracoke’s Wahabs? 51  See 25 Across 8  ___ ___ Sundae, owners of Ocracoke’s Windfall 47  Not high
19  Flower 54  Members of one of Ocracoke’s original families 9  Physicians’ Road, abbr 49  ___ fatuus, a mysterious light
20  Breath mints 58  Level 10  Statement about a helium balloon 50  See 47 Across
22  Swiss mountain dweller 59  Bahamian capital 11  It’s often high in old westerns 51  Make over
24  Black as ___ 61  Princess of Alderaan 12  Something to enclose with a letter, abbr 52  Always
25  With 38 Down, & 51 Across, Blackbeard’s flagship 62  Ding 13  Czech river 53  Opening
26  Hawk 63  Depictions 21  Something a two year old often needs to hear 54  Ghost, var
29  Conjunction 64  Usually there are more of these in wallets 23  Coin 55  His theory provided the basis for the calculus
30  Settles down 65  Scraps 25  They’re often found on Ocracoke’s beach, especially in the fall 56  Expires
34  “Dock of the Bay” singer 66  Sloping channel, var. 26  WWF’s Ludvig 57  Impudent speech
35  Ocracoke’s “Mad ___ Howard” 67  Eldest daughter of the Durbeyfields 27  Not always a legal driving maneuver 60  5-centime piece
36  Newspaper addition 28  Throw a bowline around
37  Regret 29  Drivers’ org
38  Not quantity 31  Happy or blessed, in Deutschland
40  Southern Calif. Artists Group? abbr 32  Garbage