Well hey! Leon here–

For those of you who don’t know me (can’t imagine that!) I’m the very handsome black & white cat that lives at Village Craftsmen.

Leon the Cat
Philip took the month of November off.  He asked me to fill in for him writing the newsletter this month.   Glad to oblige!

The season has finally wound down and things are quieting on the island.  We who live here sure do enjoy the off season.  Don’t get me wrong….we’re glad to see you when ya’ll come, but when you’re here we don’t have time to see each other much.  This time of year local folks visit a lot catching up on all the gossip and such.  You know the saying here on the island: “We don’t care what you do.  We just want to know about it.”  This is the time of year we find out about it, whatever it is.

Halloween is a big holiday here.  Everyone dresses up some.  We cats hide out mostly and watch all this people foolishness.  They do work hard during the season, though, so I guess they’re entitled to a bit of craziness.  They do go on!

But back to me.  I suppose it’s a surprise to some of you folks to come in a shop and find cats lounging about.  They tell me that doesn’t happen in cities.  Wonder where the cats hang out in cities!

Let me tell you about cats on Ocracoke.  Life is good here on the island for some of us.  Some don’t have real homes though.  There are the “jail” cats ’cause they hang around the dumpsters at the jail. Some are “Variety Store” cats ’cause they hang out back of the store, and there are many more colonies all over the island.  A lot of folks feed the cats that don’t have homes.  Nice folks here on Ocracoke.

Then we have the “Ocracats” group.  They’re folks who love cats a whole lot (what’s not to love?).  They collect money to have the feral cats spayed and neutered.  So when you see the collection jars in the shops be generous!  No sense in havin’ more kitties than can be properly loved.

I sure do get my share of admiration.  I love to hear the visitors, their voices filled with awe, exclaim “Look at that beautiful cat!  He’s so big!”

Then always the questions: “How old is he?”  “How much does he weigh?”

Just think , if upon meeting you someone asked you those questions!

Everyone who comes in the shop wants to pet me.  Jude always says “By October ya’ll have petted me bald.”  (She’s just kiddin’.  Never can get too much love, I say.)

Thanksgiving isn’t far off.  I wish ya’ll joy and the closeness to friends and family that we enjoy on the island.  This place is about community, you know.  We all hope that when you visit you are able somehow to take this sense of community home with you and some of the peace that we enjoy.

Well, it’s a snack for me….then a nap.  Life is good.

By the way, I’m 9 years old and weigh 20 pounds.

I’ve been thinking about starting a fan club.  Whatta ya’ll think?



P.S.  Philip did want me to remind you that “Bon Appetite” will again be featuring more of our kitchen items in their classy magazine.  Actually we understand that our wild cherry kitchen utensils will be included in the December issue (it will be on newsstands in mid-November).  You can see these items (and get 10% off this month!) just by clicking the “November Specials” link at the top of the page.

Oh yeah, be sure to remember the Village Craftsmen when you are doing your holiday shopping this year.  Check out the rest of this great web site.  Philip has put hundreds of our top-quality crafts on-line.  And it’s easy to navigate!  Just click on any of the links in our “Catalog Table of Contents” on the left.