In 1990 Village Craftsmen published its first mail-order catalog. In 2001 this web site, complete with an on-line store, replaced the printed catalog.

Beginning in 2020 we are no longer maintaining an on-line store with a shopping cart. Unique, hand-crafted items are extremely difficult to catalog. Not only is every piece slightly different (in color, shape, size, etc.), but all of our items are made by real human beings who may or may not be able to supply us at all times. However, we are happy to accept orders as follows:

How to order from Village Craftsmen:

  • Send us an email ( telling us what you are interested in. It may be something you saw in our gallery on Howard Street. If you have a photo, please include that.
  • We will reply promptly (with photos if applicable) letting you know if we have the item you are looking for, or how long it might take to get the item.
  • To complete the sale we will send you a secure on-line “Square Register” invoice that you can pay at your convenience.
  • If you prefer, you may call us (252-928-5541) to provide payment information.
  • We will ship your purchase after payment is processed.