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Sold By: : Village Craftsmen of Ocracoke Island
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It seems as if chemicals have intruded into almost every aspect of our daily lives. 

These all-natural soaps are created right here on Ocracoke Island with only the finest natural ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, distilled water, grapefruit seed, extra nutrients and/or various exfoliates. 

Treat the largest organ of your body with love. 

Choose from the following:

Christmas Peppermint  – cooling and refreshing with swirls of pink & green clay. Natural antiseptic and soothing for sore muscles, sunburn, and insect bites.

Rosemary & Lemongrass  – invigorating and fragrant. Promotes clear thinking;good for aching muscles. Tones skin and promotes healing.

Himalayan Cedar wood – natural healer for skin problems.

Lavender Scented Clay & Seaweed Scrub – soothing & relaxing. 

Patchouli – earthy & sensual

Warm Clove – stimulating & comforting

Sweet Orange Cinnamon – soothing & relaxing

Invigorating Lime – deodorizing & antiseptic 

Australian Medicine Bar – cooling & healing

Vitamin E w/Sassafras – robust, earthy & moisturizing

Lemongrass Citronella – cool & antiseptic; repels insects

Peppermint – ultimate cooling and refreshing soap

Bay- rich & spicy; cleanses and conditons skin, soothes itching.

Sensual Summer- earthy, patchouli with rich floral lift of Ylang Ylang.

Orange  Chocolate- moisturizes, stimulating, exfoliating. Perfect for painters, potters, gardeners.

Sweet Dreams-  lavender with undertones of vanilla. Relieve the stresses of life with this calming combination

Hemp- scent free castile bath soap. Soothes and conditions skin; fortified with hemp seed oil.

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Christmas Peppermint, Rosemary & Lemongrass, Himalayan Cedarwood, Lavender Scented Clay & Seaweed Scrub, Patchouli, Warm Clove, Sweet Orange Cinnamon, Invigorating Lime, Australian Medicine Bar, Vitamin E w/Sassafras, Lemongrass Citronella, Peppermint, Bay, Sensual Summer, Orange Chocolate, Sweet Dreams, Hemp