Fiddler Dave & Michael Stanwood – Brothers from Another Time (CD)


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Welcome to an album by Fiddler Dave and Michael Stanwood! Borne of years of musical friendship, this recording brings together these two musicians in a wonderful tapestry of songs and tunes from the mountains of Colorado to the sandty shores of Ocracoke Island, NC.

  1. Gathering
  2. Earthbound
  3. Unnamed Waltz
  4. Round the World & Reel
  5. Quiltsong
  6. Gravity’s Hand
  7. Breakin Up With Myself
  8. 2nd Hand Waltz
  9. Dream Had Me
  10. Ee Go Di Wa
  11. Star of County
  12. Mist & Superficial Dissolve
  13. Shattered to Love……