Molasses Creek – Something Worth Having (CD)


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Molasses Creek’s “Something Worth Having” entices down sandy barefoot paths, past railroad junctions populated by unforgettable characters, and up moonlit sidings overgrown with the sweet harmonies of newfound love.  Ghosting past mutterings of life’s darker times it then slings the listener around cliff-hanging instrumental curves to quietly steam to a stop . . . in the misty reminiscence of cherished days past and gone.

  1. Something Worth Having
  2. Choo Choo Yazoo
  3. Nevertheless (I’m In Love with You)
  4. Ehringhaus Blues
  5. The Waterman
  6. Five Minutes
  7. Tennessee Stud
  8. Joe Bell Flowers
  9. My Window Faces the South
  10. Death My Friend
  11. The King’s Shilling
  12. Tico Creeko
  13. Galway Girl

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