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Best known as a member of “Molasses Creek” and founder of “The Ocrafolk Festival”, Gary Mitchell started out in the 8th grade with his buddy Jimmy Harper in the duo “Ham & Eggs”, specializing in his impersonation of Art Garfunkel. Continuing with his love of folk, bluegrass and harmony singing throughout High School (Williams HS, Burlington, NC, class of 1972) and college (NC State, class of 1976), he came back to sing on two LPs by The Wahoo Revue, a newgrass group he co-founded in 1973 with Stan Brown, Billy Willis, Gary Bailey and Louis Allen, and the late great dobro genius, Gene Wooten. Gary tried his hand at some Rock & Roll in the eighties, but fronting “The Aliens” and “The Good Question Band” taught him that he just wasn’t sexy enough for the genre, so he returned to his folk/bluegrass roots in 1993 with the formation of “Molasses Creek” on Ocracoke Island. His love of the natural world, and his personal island experiences in commercial crabbing, are reflected in “The River” and “The Waterman”. 24 years and 15 albums later, Gary thinks it’s time for a little ‘retrospective’ of his original songs, so here are 10 of his personal favorites (and maybe a few surprises).


1-“Can We Agree on Love?”  (2017~How do we respond to these challenging times?)

2-”But I’ve Got Love”  (1994~my darlin’ Kitty inspired several songs over the years)

3-“Leave Me Alone”  (1993~proud of my little girl Katy on this one; she sings it much better than her old man)

4-“The Waterman” (1993~Thanks to David Senseney for getting me out crabbing at Ocracoke)
5-“Love All Around”  (2003~This was penned after recovering from a life-threatening heart valve infection in 2000.)

6-“Here Comes the Night” (1988~those little voices are usually trying to tell us something)

7-“The River”  (1993~backpacking along the Nolichucky river inspired this one)

8-“Another Dance” (1997~thanks Louis and Stan for bringing this song to life)
9-“Veneer of Gold” (1988~…didn’t know I played some Rock & Roll in the 80’s? This one is revived for Mr. Trump)

10-“What Would Jesus Do?” (2003~after 9/11, it struck me that we were going off to war in the name of Jesus, who was the ultimate expression of pacifism….)

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