Fiddler Dave – The Cormorant (CD)


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You hold in your hot little hand Fiddler Dave’s second all instrumental release — a compendium of original reels, jigs, hornpipes, and waltzes that will have ya dippin’ & swinging from Ocracoke Island all the way back to the homeplace!– From the liner notes

1. Binkey’s First Move
2. The Cormorant
3. Ghost Ship
4. Turning of the Trick
5. Redemption Waltz
6. Just Wandering Through
7. March of the Nefarious Glib
8. Roy Parson’s Hornpipe
9. Butterflea Jig Set
10. Portsmouth Homecoming
11. Lost Hope
12. Gristmill
13. Learning to Skip
14. Misty Creek Revival

Special guests:
Dave Weisler: Piano, keyboards, organ, guitar
Jubal Creech: Percussion
Emily Devan: Cello
Kevin Hardy: Bass
David DiGuiseppe: Accordion
Marcy Brenner: Mandolin
Bob Ray: Vocals
Michael Stanwood: Autoharp
Serge Gracovetsky: Clarinet

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