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Island Music

CD's by Molasses Creek
Molasses Creek
Our island musicians, Gary Mitchell, David Tweedie, Gerald Hampton, and Kim France otherwise known as Molasses Creek, continue to produce outstanding folk/bluegrass recordings. 

You may see Molasses Creek's upcoming calendar of events by going directly to Molasses Creek Website.

Molasses Creek -People Get Ready

People Get Ready

People Get Ready is Molasses Creek's 16th release and features Gary Mitchell, Fiddler Dave Tweedie, Gerald Hampton, Kim France. Collection of traditional gospel and inspirational favorites will warm your heart, and even make you chuckle on occasion. Enjoy!

This CD includes: "People Get Ready","Gone Home","Hear Jerusalem Moan","Abraham,Martin, & John","When We're Gone","50 Miles of Elbow Room","You Go to Your Church, I'll Go to Mine","Jordan Am a Hard Road","A Beautiful Life","For the Beauty of the Earth","Be Thou My Vision","I'll Fly Away Medley".

Molasses Creek- People Get Ready

Item No: MC001
Qty:Price: $15.00

Molasses Creek -An Island Out of Time
Molasses Creek
Since 1993 Molasses Creek has drawn its inspiration from Ocracoke's rich environment.  They invite you to return to a time and place teetering on the edge of the known world...far from the deafening roar of the sound-byte existence we call civilization.  

This CD includes: "House on the Hill", "Mississippi Sawyer", "I'm a Fisherman", "Beautiful Sorrow of Love", "Scat Reel Set", "Because", "I Beg You To Stay", "Here Comes Rose", "Selchie's Joy Waltz/Catharsis Set", "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie".

Molasses Creek -An Island Out of Time
Item No: MC002
Qty:Price: $15.00

Molasses Creek -Waterbound

Molasses Creek

Waterbound, released in 2015, is Molasses Creek's 15th release and features Gary Mitchell,Fiddler Dave Tweedie, Gerald Hampton, Kim France. The album also features special guest Sarah Osbourne singing lead on Cindy & I've Been Working on the Railroad and a banjo & harmony vocals as well as guest appearances by Lou Castro and Kitty Mitchell. 

This CD includes: "Waterbound", "But I've Got Love", "House on the Lane", "Wayfaring Stranger", "Cindy", "Lady of the Harbor", "Weeping Willow Blues", "I've Been Working on the Railroad", "Holy Smoke", "Love All Around ", "Grandmother's Gifts Waltz", "And Artist's Prayer", "By Half".

Molasses Creek- Waterbound

Item No: MC003
Qty:Price: $15.00

Molasses Creek -Something Worth Having

Something Worth Having

Molasses Creek's "Something Worth Having" entices down sandy barefoot paths, past railroad junctions populated by unforgettable characters, and up moonlit sidings overgrown with the sweet harmonies of newfound love. Ghosting past mutterings of life's darker times it then slings the listener around cliff-hanging instrumental curves to quietly steam to a stop...in the misty reminiscence of cherished days past and gone.

This CD includes: "Something Worth Having","Choo Choo Yazoo","Nevertheless","Ehringhaus Blues","The Waterman","Five Minutes","Tennessee Stud","Joe Bell Flowers","My Window Faces the South","Death My Friend","The King's Shilling","Tico Creeko", "Galway Girl".

Molasses Creek- Something Worth Having

Item No: MC004
Qty:Price: $15.00

Molasses Creek -Follow the Heron Home


Follow the Heron marks a new beginning and sound for this dynamic group from Ocracoke Island, NC~a magical place where stunning natural beauty mixes with community to create a rich melting pot of musical traditions. Over the past 15 years, Molasses Creek's unique style and captivation stage presence as gathered an enthusiastic following, from their own Deepwater Theater & Music Hall to across the United States and beyond.

This CD includes: "Follow the Heron","Papa Come Quick","Satisfied Mind", "Jolene","Red Haired Boy Meets Miss Liza","Green Pastures","Gypsy Wagon","Ginseng Sullivan","Java Jive","Write Myself a Letter","I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby","Way Downtown","Jump Up Joe","Have a Feast Here Tonight".

Molasses Creek- Follow the Heron Home

Item No: MC005
Qty:Price: $15.00


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