July 4th Parade Photos

In 1953 Capt. Marvin Howard made a proposal at the Ocracoke Civic Club’s Spring Meeting. “Let’s have some fun,” he announced, and suggested adding a parade to the annual July 4th pony penning and patriotic noontime service. Thus a tradition was born.

The Ocracoke Island July 4th Parade was held annually for several years. Although it was discontinued in the late 1950s or early 1960s, the parade was reintroduced in the 1980s. It has always been a quirky, home-grown affair. Residents and visitors cobble together whatever materials are available to make creative, often idiosyncratic, floats. Following is a photo gallery from some of Ocracoke’s parades. Unfortunately, I don’t know what year most of these were taken. You can click on most photos to view a larger image.

Wilbur Gaskill and his Duck Blind:

Musicians on WWII Vehicle:

On the Back Road:

Lum Gaskill??:

Marvin Howard & Wilbur Gaskill:

Rev. Shinkle & the Methodist Church Choir:

Uncle Sam:

Philip Howard as Old Quawk:
Old Quawk

Popeye & Crew:
Parade Photo

Classic Wooden Boat:

US Coast Guard:

Ocracoke Square Dancers:

Square Dance Musicians:

Patriot in Boat:

Lawton Howard, Grand Marshal, & Attendants:

Grand Marshal on Vehicle:

NPS on Horseback:

Patriot on Recumbent Bike:


Schooner Windfall:

VW Pulled by “Bones” (not shown):

Ocracoke Bear Sighting:

Scary Bear:

Mad Mag & Friends: