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What's New

We add new items to our on-line catalog on a regular basis.  We also publish a monthly Ocracoke Newsletter (history, stories, photos, & local information), and an Ocracoke Journal (short, more frequent posts about daily island life). Click here to read about our newsletters and our island journal .  

To view the latest additions to our catalog click on any of the links below:

Added November, 2013:

Wolf's Den Pottery (New Pottery by Amanda Wolf, added 11/05/2013)

Added September, 2013:

Cranky Cat Notecards (New Cranky Cat Notecards by Trish Dempsey, added 09/26/2013)
Christmas Cards (New Christmas Cards by Trish Dempsey, added 09/26/2013)
Haley-Daniels (New Wooden Utensils, added 09/20/2013)
Lamp (New Stained Glass Lampshade w/base, added 09/11/2013)
Stained Glass (New webpage full of new Stained Glass Panels and Lamps, added 09/06/2013)
Bronze Bells (Small Winter Bell, added 09/06/2013)
Hank Goodman (4 new pottery pieces including Salt Cellar, Spoonrest, Soap Dish and a Curved Plate, added 09/06/2013)
Heron Marquetry (New Heron Marquetry inlaid with Mother of Pearl, added 09/06/2013)
Ships in Bottles (4 new ships including Blackbeard's Adventure, Providence, Ranger & Black Squall, added 09/03/2013)

Added August, 2013:

2014 Calendar (2014 Cranky Cats Calendar, added 08/29/2013)
Molasses Creek ( Molasses Creek 20th Anniversary Festival Release & An Island Out of Time CD's, added 08/29/2013)
Steve Exum ( Bodie Island, Hatteras, Cape Lookout and Ocracoke Lighthouses on Wooden Planks, added 08/29/2013)
Pewter Jewelry ( 2 new pieces of Pewter Jewelry by Drummers Cove, added 08/29/2013)
Carved Birds ( 5 new Carved Birds by new artist Ivie Elliott, added 08/24/2013)
Photographs on Canvas ( 3 new Photographs on Canvas, added 08/01/2013)
Ships in Bottles ( 5 new Ships in Bottles, added 08/01/2013)
Fig Preserves ( Ocracoke Island Fig Preserves are back, added 08/01/2013)

Added July, 2013:

Photography on Canvas ( Ocracoke Scenes by local photographer Jarett Werley, added 07/23/2013)
A Blessed Life Growing Up on Ocracoke Island ( New book by local author Della Gaskill, added 07/23/2013)
Pequea Valley ( Pizza Cutter and Combo Chopper back in stock!, added 07/09/2013)

Added October, 2012:

Pillows ( Cat and Dog Pillows, added 10/23/2012)
Pottery (Spector Studios Pottery, added 10/23/2012)
Don Williams (Don Williams Halloween and Christmas Creations, added 10/04/2012)
Garlic Grater (Kaleidoscope Pottery has a new garlic grater, added 10/04/2012)
Ship in Bottle (New ship the Wilma Lee, added 10/03/2012)

Added May, 2012:

Pottery (Terri Friday Pottery, added 5/12/2012)

Pottery (Crosby & Taylor Coffee Canisters, added 5/10/2012)
Tiles (Toquerville Clay Tiles, added 5/10/2012)

Added April, 2012:

Paintings (Elizabeth Parsons' Paintings, added 4/25/2012)

Added January, 2012:

Ship in Bottle (Pirate Brig Ranger, added 1/16/2012)

Added November, 2011:

Bluemoon Pottery (6 new items, added 11/01/2011)
Christmas Peppermint Soap (Just in! Christmas Peppermint soap- handmade on Ocracoke, added 11/01/2011)
Martha Hayes Pottery (New Olive Tray, Deviled Egg Trays, Relish Dish, Brie Baker & Knitting Bowl, added 11/01/2011)

Added October, 2011:

Carved Birds (3 New Carved Birds by John Owen, added 10/22/2011)
Dead Girl Walking (Marcy's story, from the brink of despair to being truly alive (DVD), added 10/21/2011)
Ocracoke Still Speaks (New Ocracoke Brogue CD with booklet, added 10/21/2011)
Jonathan Spoons (New wooden utensils, added 10/20/2011)
Pewter Jewelry (New Jewelry by Drummers Cove, added 10/19/2011)
Donald Davis (3 Books by Donald Davis, added 10/18/2011)
Christmas Notecards (4 New Christmas Notecards by Trish Dempsey, added 10/11/2011)
Carol Gilbert Prints (6 New Prints, added 10/10/2011)

Added September, 2011:

"C" Shaped Plant Rooter (New Rooter style, added 09/23/2011)
Kate McPhee Affirmations (6 New affirmations, added 09/12/2011)
Wrap Design T-shirts (Men's and Ladies Ocracoke Wrap design shirts,  added 09/07/2011)

Added August, 2011:

Fig Preserves (Ocracoke Island Fig Preserves-1/2 pints and pints available,  added 08/15/2011)
Donald Davis (Newest Donald Davis book "Tales from a Free-Range Childhood",  added 08/05/2011)
Molasses Creek (Newest Molasses Creek CD,  added 08/05/2011)
2012 Calendar (2012 Calendar by Ray Matthews,  added 08/05/2011)
Copper Lanterns (3 Handcrafted Copper Lanterns,  added 08/02/2011)
Wooden Utensils (7 New wooden utensils,  added 08/01/2011)

Added May, 2011:

Dog & Cat Bowls (New Holman Pottery Cat & Dog Bowls,  added 05/28/2011)
Ships in Bottles (New ships in bottles,  added 05/21/2011)
Dave Matthews Pottery (New mugs and honey pot,  added 05/21/2011)

Added April, 2011:

Pewter Gravy Ladle (New pewter Gravy ladle, added 04/23/2011)
Pineapple S&P Cellar (Pewter salt & pepper cellars, added 04/23/2011)

Added October, 2010:

Windfall  (Windfall models made of wood from the original schooner, added 10/21/2010)

Added September, 2010:

Windfall I (New Windfall I models in great bottles, added 09/13/2010)
Carroll A. Deering (New Ship in a Bottle made of wood from the wreck of the Carroll A. Deering, added 09/13/2010)
Dragonfly Mug (Frazier Pottery has a great new Dragonfly mug, added 09/13/2010)

Added August, 2010:

Fig Preserves (They're back!!  We have pints and 1/2 pints, added 08/02/2010)

Added July, 2010:

Barque Roanoke (New ship in an gallon bottle, added 07/22/2010)
Sushi Board (New Moonspoon Sushi Board with Chopsticks, added 07/22/2010)
USCG Eagle (along with 6 other ships in bottles, added 07/10/2010)

Added June, 2010:

The Mayflower & Chesapeake Skipjack  (2 New Ships in bottles, added 06/21/2010)

Added May, 2010:

Schooner Carolina  (2 New Ships in bottles, added 05/18/2010)
Wrought Iron Kitchen Tools  (Beautiful hand forged iron kitchen tools, added 05/01/2010)

Added April, 2010:

S&P Cellar  (Ying Yang design, added 04/17/2010)
Baby Spoons  (2 New Baby Spoon: "Bella" & "Pumpkin", added 04/17/2010)
Coffee Scoops  (2 New Coffee Scoops have arrived, added 04/17/2010)

Added November, 2009:

2010 Calendar  (2010 Calendar by Ray Matthews, added 11/27/2009)
Christmas Ornaments  (Beautiful silver and gold ornaments for your Christmas tree, added 11/25/2009)

Added October, 2009:

Sunrise Glassworks  (Beautiful blown glass witches balls, teardrops & oil lamps, added 10/20/2009)
Seasonal Items  (New page with items for the current season,  added 10/05/2009)

Added September, 2009:

Martha Hayes-Summer Haze Pottery  (New Chip & Dip added 09/08/2009)

Added August, 2009:

Glass Kaleidoscopes  (Beautiful new glass kaleidoscopes added 08/28/2009)
Wooden Kaleidoscopes  (Great new kaleidoscopes added 08/27/2009)
Lighthouses in a Bottle  (1801 Chevas bottle & Salad Dressing bottle added 08/21/2009)
Ships in a Bottle  (New Ships added and entire page refreshed and up to date!!  08/21/2009)
Fig Preserves  (Gaynelle's Fig Preserves are back!!!! added 08/17/2009)

Added June, 2009:

Tic-Tac-Toe  (New Tic-Tac-Toe board with cherry inlay added 06/26/2009)

Added November, 2008:

Kaleidoscope Pottery  (New Pasta Plate & Serving Bowl added 11/14/2008)
Pewter Super Post  (New Super Post for Pewter Cups & Spoons added 11/14/2008)

Added October, 2008:

Donald Davis CD's  (2 New CD's added 10/28/2008)
Ships in a Bottle  (New Yacht America w/Ocracoke Lighthouse added 10/21/2008)
Moon Spoon  (New Tea Strainer added 10/21/2008)
Table Art  (6 New Napkin Holder Sets added 10/21/2008)
Table Art  (3 New Letter Openers added 10/15/2008)


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