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Village Craftsmen

170 Howard Street 
PO Box 248
Ocracoke Island, NC


Handcrafted Signs

Signs by Paul and Jan Gordon point the way! Handcrafted and painted with a rustic look, these signs come in an assortment of colors (we're sorry, but we never know what colors we will have, so we get to choose) and your choice of "Beach," "Ocracoke Island," "Gone To The Beach,"  "Shoes Not Required," and "Gone Fishin."
Ocracoke Island Sign

Ocracoke Island Sign (20" long)
Item No: GOR001
Qty:Price: $32.00

Beach Sign
Beach Sign (14" long)
Item No: GOR002
Qty:Price: $22.00

Gone To The Beach Sign
Gone To The Beach Sign (19" long)
Item No: GOR003
Qty:Price: $32.00

Shoes Not Required Sign

Shoes Not Required Sign (16" long)
Item No: GOR004
Qty:Price: $32.00

Gone Fishin Sign

Gone Fishin Sign (18" long)
Item No: GOR005
Qty:Price: $25.00



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