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Rooter170 Howard Street 
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Plant Rooters

These hanging plant rooters are some of our all-time best sellers!  10"-18" high complete with 14" extension hook and glass bottle(s).  Great for cuttings and/or fresh flowers.  With brass and copper-colored finish.

A note about rooter bottles:  Bottles with wooden tops, shown in photos below, are no longer available.  The standar bottle included with each rooter has no wooden top, but is otherwise identical.  You can see a closeup of the standard bottle at the bottom of this page.

*Brass Butterfly craftsmen from Vermont have been supplying our plant rooters for many years. A few months ago they informed us they were retiring this Autumn. Village Craftsmen purchased a good bit of their inventory and when it's gone, it's gone. Our customers have enjoyed the rooters over the years. We wish the folks at Brass Butterfly well in their retirement.*

"C" Shaped Rooter
"C" Shaped Rooter

"C" Shaped Single Rooter   14" hanging rod included. 
Item No: BB009
Qty:Price: $22.00

Heart Rooter
Large Heart Rooter

Heart Single Rooter   14" hanging rod included. 
Item No: BB001
Qty:Price: $22.00

Teardrop Rooter
Tear Drop Rooter

Teardrop Single Rooter   14" hanging rod included.
Item No: BB007
Qty:Price: $22.00

Circle Rooter
Circle Rooter

Circle Single Rooter   14" hanging rod included.
Item No: BB008
Qty:Price: $22.00

Double Rooter
Double Rooter

Double Rooter 14" hanging rod included.
Item No: BB002
Qty:Price: $27.00

Triple Rooter
Triple Rooter

Triple Rooter 14" hanging rod included.
Item No: BB003
Qty:Price: $32.00

Replacement Bottles: In the past we have had three styles of bottles -- standard, standard with wooden tops, & heavy duty.  The heavy duty bottles and bottles with wooden tops are no longer available.  The standard replacement bottle (shown below) will fit any of the rooters ever sold by Village Craftsmen.  If you have a double or triple rooter you may want to purchase enough replacement bottles so they all match.  We are sorry but older style bottles with wooden tops, as well as heavy duty bottles are no longer available.

Standard Bottle:
Bottle without Wooden Top

Standard Replacement Bottle
Item No: BB004
Qty:Price: $6.50


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