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Village Craftsmen

Full Sail170 Howard Street 
PO Box 248
Ocracoke Island, NC 27960


Please call or email for availability before ordering.  

All of our Marquetry is crafted from precisely cut pieces of wood which are inlaid in a natural wood background. The result is a series of intricate and elaborate scenes reminiscent of our beautiful Outer Banks and other coastal areas.

The creation of these marquetry scenes by Hudson River Inlay begins with a rough  sketch by the artist.  The next step is to capture the essence of the subject with just a few subtle lines that convey its motion and vitality.  The result is a final line drawing that serves as a blueprint for each individual piece of art. 

Next, the artist carefully selects the various woods for his palette...with an eye for the natural grains and hues of the veneers that will give warmth and subtle shading to the finished work.

The veneers are precision cut, then assembled and finished by hand to form an exceptional wood image.  The result is a masterful piece of marquetry art of unmatched beauty and elegance.

"Tranquil Harbor"
Tranquil Harbor
Two sailboats at anchor in a tranquil harbor with laughing gulls.

"Tranquil Harbor" Marquetry (17" X 22") 
Item No: HRI029
Qty:Price: $435.00

"Full Sail"
Full Sail
"Full Sail" Marquetry (17" X 22") 
Item No: HRI028
Qty:Price: $400.00

"Coral Garden"
Coral Garden
(Click here to see a larger image)

"Coral Garden" Marquetry (17" X 22") 
Item No: HRI039
Qty:Price: $475.00


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