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Village Craftsmen

Luncheon Plate170 Howard Street 
PO Box 248
Ocracoke Island, NC 27960

Kaleidoscope Pottery

Freshly gathered leaves are delicately pressed into the stoneware clay during the forming process.  Each piece goes through sixteen stages to create its unique fossil-like image. 

Because each piece is individually hand-made leaves and designs will vary. Please do not hesitate to call us for information about the pieces we currently have in stock. 

Pasta Plate
Pasta Plate

Pasta Plate, 9 1/2" diameter
Item No: KP020
Qty:Price: $45.00

Serving Bowl
Serving Bowl

Serving Bowl, 10" diameter 
Item No: KP021
Qty:Price: $75.00

Spoon Rest
Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest, 5" diameter
Item No: KP009
Qty:Price: $21.00

Small Oval Plate
Leafware Oval Plate

Small Oval Plate  5" X 7"
Item No: KP004
Qty:Price: $34.00

Small Bowl
Leafware Oval Plate

Small Bowl 6" 
Item No: KP007
Qty:Price: $38.00

Medium Bowl
Leafware Bowl

Medium Bowl 7" 
Item No: KP006
Qty:Price: $42.00

Pasta Bowl
Pasta Bowl

Pasta Bowl (12" diam.)
Item No: KP005
Qty:Price: $105.00

Large Bowl
Serving Bowl

Large Bowl (10" diam.)
Item No: KP016
Qty:Price: $102.00

Luncheon Plate
Luncheon Plate

Luncheon Plate, 8 3/4" 
Item No: KP012
Qty:Price: $36.00

Oval Plate
Oval Plate

Medium Oval Plate, 10 1/2"
Item No: KP003
Qty:Price: $46.00

Large Oval Plate, 13"
Item No: KP002
Qty:Price: $62.00

Large Platter

15" Platter
Item No: KP001
Qty:Price: $130.00

Rectangular Server
Rectangular Server

Rectangular Server  12" X 6"
Item No: KP008
Qty:Price: $64.00

Large Rectangular Server
Large Rectangular Server

Large Rectangular Server  24" X 9"
Item No: KP010
Qty:Price: $92.00

Moon and Stars Plate
Moon and Stars Plate

Moon and Stars Plate  10" diameter
Item No: KP013
Qty:Price: $60.00

Pie Dish
Pie Dish

Pie Dish  10" diameter 
Item No: KP014
Qty:Price: $78.00

Soy Dish
Soy Dish

Soy Dish  4" X 4" 
Item No: KP015
Qty:Price: $22.00

Garlic Grater 
Garlic Grater

Garlic Grater   
Item No: KP018
Qty:Price: $30.00


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