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The Homer & Aliph Howard Home

Click on photo below for an introduction to our rehabilitation project:

Miss Aliph's: 1932

A record of work done in October,  2004 (click on most photos to see a larger image):

October 1 - 10, 2004:

Jim O'Brien and his crew (Aaron, Mark, Steve, Clay, and Brian) continue to make progress on the rehabilitation of the house.  The entire exterior north wall has been removed, exposing the original, old, shipwreck beams. The carpenters are adding new 2 X 4's to strengthen the compromised structural members, 

The Strengthened North Wall:

(Click on photo to view a larger image.)

The new, small bathroom on the first floor has been framed up.  This will add significantly to the convenience of the house, as well as allow for an adequate kitchen/dining area similar to the space as it was configured in the 1930's.

The New Bathroom Addition:

(Click on photo to view a larger image.)

Jim & his crew have framed the walls to accommodate refurbished period windows from a now-razed island home of the same vintage. 

Vintage Windows Replace Deteriorated Old Windows:

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October 29, 2004:

Work on the house continues in the second half of October, although at a somewhat slower pace.  As the stabilization of the structure nears an end and work on the exterior begins to wind down there is not as much need for a full crew.  

By now all of the walls have been fortified with new 2 X 4's, steel plates, and plywood sheathing.  Insulation and weather shields are protecting the exterior of the house.  In addition, new clapboard has been installed, and most of the reconstructed windows are in place.  (Painting will have to wait for several months, until the treated lumber has dried out sufficiently.)

Brad Gaskins has also been working at the house installing a new heat pump and ductwork for central heating and air conditioning.  Brad has also finished about half of the rough-in plumbing for the two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs.  

I will be doing the electrical work myself.  I ran a few wires in the dining/kitchen area already, and will be adding more circuits, receptacles and lights in the coming months.

View showing the rebuilt East wall:

(Click on photo to view a larger image.)

One of the reconstructed vintage windows:

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The East Wall:

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Check back periodically for additional photos and more information about the progress of this project.


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