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The Homer & Aliph Howard Home

Click on photo below for an introduction to our rehabilitation project:

Miss Aliph's: 1932

A record of work done in March & April, 2005 (plus a photo of the house after exterior painting was completed in August)

Click on photos to see larger images.

Throughout the late winter & early spring most of the work done on the house was inside.  Wherever possible the original beadboard and pine flooring were preserved.  Rusty nails were removed, holes filled, cracks caulked, and loose boards renailed.

New beadboard was installed to fill in the gaps (mainly a few places in the kitchen), to finish new walls (primarily the bathrooms) & to rebuild the kitchen ceiling (water damage made this necessary).  

Among other details, trim (baseboards, shoe moldings, & crown moldings) was repaired or added, old doors rebuilt,  railings installed, and floors & walls sanded.  Finally, all of the walls and ceilings were primed & painted, and the floors were sanded and varnished.

Although a number of details still need to be completed, including plumbing (I am anticipating turning the water back on this weekend), installation of a few shelves & antique light fixtures (I'll finish these after I move in), screening the back porch, painting the exterior, and rebuilding the fence, the house is essentially complete.

I've already moved some furniture into the house in anticipation of occupancy in a few days.  I hope you enjoy the following photos.

The Homer & Aliph Home, April, 2005; and after painting completed in August, 2005:
April, 2005 
(Click on photo to see larger image.)

The Parlor:
(Click on photo to see larger image.)

Another View of the Parlor:
Parlor (2)
(Click on photo to see larger image.)

Looking into the Dining Room:
Dining Room View
(Click on photo to see larger image.)

Through the Doorway into the Guest Bedroom:
Guest Bedroom View
(Click on photo to see larger image.)

The Upstairs Master Bedroom:
Master Bedroom
(Click on photo to see larger image.)

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This may be our last post for some time regarding the Homer & Aliph Howard home.  To see further progress (exterior paint, reconstructed fence, landscaping, etc.) just walk by on your next visit to the island.  If we're sitting on the pizer (that's the front porch), please wave and say hello.  


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