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Village Craftsmen Jim Goodwin's


Jim Goodwin has been a geologist and an educator, but now devotes his time to preserving this maritime art form and giving demonstrations at museums and maritime festivals.  Since his debut here at Village Craftsmen Jim has been recognized both state-wide and nationally for his work. He spends many meticulous hours hand-crafting these items in a bottle.  He also makes Lighthouses in a Bottle.  Jim's Ships-in-Bottles are featured in "The Lovely Bones" a film based on the Best Selling novel by Alice Sebold.  

These items are one of a kind, and our inventory (including prices, based on size & complexity of models) changes regularly. Please call us (252-928-5541) to inquire about what we currently have in stock. Because of their unique nature, Ships-in-Bottles can only be ordered by telephone.

Below are samples of some of Jim Goodwin's models. They are representative of his work, but these exact items may not be available.Please call for more information. Village Craftsmen is a small business with a small staff. If you receive a recorded message please leave a short but clear message with your name and phone number. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Black Squall w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1.75 Ltr. Bottle) $150.00
Black Squall
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Built in 1856 by the Wilder Brothers. The Black Squall left Cuba in March, 1861 with a load of sugar and Nixon's Royal Circus and Menagerie of Living Animals.  She encountered a Spring storm and wrecked at Ocracoke Inlet on April 8, 1861.  Drowned exotic animals: lions, tigers, bears, a giraffe, a hippopotamus, and horses washed up on the beach.  One drowned young couple was found in an embrace.  Tents recovered from the wreck were used by the islanders to make sails.  It is said that some of the surviving horses started the wild pony population on Ocracoke.   

Pirate Brigantine Ranger w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1.75 Ltr. Bottle) $150.00
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

The 12-gun Ranger was the flagship of Charles Vane from May, 1718 to November 1718.  Blockading Charleston as Blackbeard had done several months earlier.  Vane, with two sloops, captured an African slaver coming into port.  This larger ship he named the Ranger.  In September 1718, Vane was at the week-long Pirate Bash hosted by Blackbeard on Ocracoke Isle.  In late November 1718 while in the Windward Passage, the crew charged Vane with cowardliness by the crew for refusing to attack a vessel that was more heavily armed than the Ranger.  The vessel turned out to be a French Man of War disguised as a merchant to deal with pirates.  Vane & his supporters were set in a small boat, and after some time, Vane captured another sloop and continued "the sweet trade" until being caught in Jamaica in March 1720.  Quartermaster "Calico" Jack Rackham was voted captain of the Ranger.  Later Calico Jack had onboard the two female pirates Mary Reade & Anne Bonny.  The ship was lost a few months after Calico Jack too command due to hull rot.  The pirates then acquired a sloop and were caught in September 1720. 

Blackbeard's Sloop Adventure w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1.75 Ltr. Bottle) $95.00
Blackbeard's Adventure
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

The fast, shallow draft "Bermuda" sloop was popular with many pirates.  A gift from Teach's pirate mentor Benjamin Hornigold in 1717, the 8-10 gun sloop was on all of Blackbeard's exploits.  After the grounding of the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard arrived in Bath, NC & was pardoned by Gov. Eden.  In midsummer of 1718, the Adventure was officially placed in Teach's name by the Vice Admiralty Court in Bath Town, NC for trading expeditions.  Falling into his old pirate ways, Teach captured a French sugar ship, & the cargo was split with NC court officials.  Blackbeard was killed at Ocracoke Inlet by Lt. Robert Maynard on Nov. 22, 1718 by order of the Virginia Governor.  The Adventure was taken to Virginia & sold. 

War Sloop Providence w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1.75 Ltr. Bottle) $90.00
War Sloop Providence
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Built in Providence, R.I. in 1768 as the Katy.  Chartered by R.I. General Assembly in June, 1775 to protect R.I. shipping from the HMS Rose.  First cruise with Capt. Abraham Whipple captured 1 prize.  Joined Continental Navy in January 1776 with John Hazard as Captain.  Was in Esek Hopkin's Squadron to Bahamas for gunpowder raid.  After that raid, she became John Paul Jones' first command.  Jones took 9 prizes with the sloop.  John Rathbun took command in December 1777 where he captured a prize off Georgetown, SC.  In another raid to Nassau, the Providence held the town for three days.  She was run aground and burned, along with 37 other Continental ships, in August 1779  during the disastrous Penobscot expedition against superior British Forces. 

Patriot w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1.5 Ltr. Bottle) $92.00
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Left Georgetown, SC for NY on 12/30/1812 with Theodosia Burr Alston, wife of SC Gov. John Alston & daughter of former VP & famed duelist Aaron Burr.  At age 29, Theodosia was one of the most gifted women of the time.  She was in ill health from the loss of her only child & the events of her father- who had been on trial for treason for attempting to start a new country in Texas & Mexico.  Past due in early 1813, a search was instigated by both father & husband.  Their inquest went as far as Nassau, yet bypassed the Outer Banks.  They presumed the Patriot to be lost at sea.  In 1833, a pirate made a deathbed confession saying that the Patriot had been boarded, passengers killed, & vessel set adrift.  Other reports state that the deserted vessel ran aground 2 miles south of Nags Head, NC. The Patriot's fate is still a mystery.   

Ephraim Williams w/Hatteras Lighthouse (1.5 Ltr. Bottle) $120.00
Ephraim Williams
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

The 491 ton Williams was loaded with lumber bound from Savannah to her home port of Providence, R.I. when she encountered a storm off Frying Pan Shoals.  Lifesavers from the Cape Hatteras & Creeds Hill stations rescued the crew of 9 on December 22, 1884.  Rescuers claim that it was the worst seas that they had seen.  Seven Gold Lifesaving Medals for exceptional bravery were awarded to the rescuers.  

7 Lighthouses in a Bottle  $98.00
7 Lighthouses
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Currituck-1875, 158ft; Bodie Island-1872, 163ft; Cape Hatteras-1870, 198ft; Ocracoke-1823, 75ft; Cape Lookout-1859, 156ft; Bald Head Island-1818, 95ft; Oak Island-1958, 169ft.   

Windfall I (1/2 Gallon Bottle) $125.00
Windfall I
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Pride of Baltimore
(1/2 Gallon Bottle) $145.00
Pride of Baltimore
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

LOA: 157 ft, Beam: 26 ft, Draft: 12 ft. Launched in 1988, the Pride II is Maryland's goodwill tall ship ambassador.  Designed by Thomas Gillmer, she is modeled after the Baltimore Clippers used during the 1812 War.   

Elizabeth II (1/2 Gallon Bottle) $175.00
Elizabeth II
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Commissioned by Great Britain's Princess Anne to celebrate the 400th anniversary of England's first New World colonization attempt.  The Elizabeth I, captained by Thomas Cavendish, was in Sir Walter Raleigh's second fleet to Roanoke Island.  The seven ship fleet, under Sir Richard Grenvile, landed 108 colonists at Roanoke in July, 1585 with scant provisions.  Grenvile's ship, the Tiger, wrecked in a storm while entering the Ocracoke Inlet.   Many supplies, including the important farming seeds, were lost.  The Tiger was saved. Led by Ralph Lane the colony survived about a year when rescued by Sir Francis Drake's fleet in 1586.  A supply ship arrived to the deserted colony two weeks later.    

The Mayflower (1/2 Gallon Bottle)  $165.00
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

The galleon Mayflower is said to of been built in Leigh, England in 1606 & originally owned by Robert Bonner.  By 1609, records show part ownership by Capt. Christopher Jones.  Being a tramp cargo ship, she carried goods to France, Norway, the Baltic, Germany, and Greenland.  Chartered by Serparatists, she finally left England with 102 passengers-not all being Separatists- on Sept. 6, 1620.  After a rough 67 day crossing, Capt. Jones anchored in Provincetown Harbor on 11/11/1620.  The colony located in Plymouth on 11/20.  Wm. Bradford was the first to refer to the Separatists as "Pilgrims" in 1630.  Capt. Jones sailed back on April 5, 1621 & arrived in England 31 days later.  Jones died a year later, and no records of the ship are found after 1624.  A second Mayflower ship carried colonists to Plymouth in 1629.  The replica Mayflower II was built in England in 1956.

Barque Roanoke w/Hatteras Lighthouses (1 Gal. Bottle) $430.00
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

The Roanoke was the largest wooden square-rigged ship built in the U.S. NC & SC Pine wood was used in building the hull.  Owned by her Maine builders, she carried cargo routinely from New England, around Cape Horn, to the Pacific.  While out from Norfolk, VA wih a load of coal, she caught fire in New Caledonia on Aug. 10, 1905.

Beethoven w/Hatteras Lighthouse (1.5 Ltr Bottle) $135.00
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Launched on 1/7/1904  in Greenock, Scotland, her sister ship was the Mozart.  Through her life she was owned by German, Finnish, Italian, & Norwegian investors.  On March 30, 1914, she left Newcastle, New South Wales, with Capt. Victor Orschultk & a load of coal for Valparaiso and was never seen again.

Mary Celeste w/Stand (1/2 Gal. Bottle) $135.00
Mary Celeste w/Stand
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Originally launched in May, 1861 at Nova Scotia as the Amazon by Joshua Dewis, her mysterious reputation began on her maiden voyage when her captain died of pneumonia.  Two other captains died on her, & in 1867, she ran aground in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia during a storm.  Bought & rebuilt by NY investors, she was renamed Mary Celeste & became a merchantman to Adriatic ports.  On Nov. 5, 1872, Capt. Benj. Briggs left NYC with 1701 barrels of commericial alcohol intended for fortifying Italian wines.  The night before, Briggs dines with fellow Canadian captain David Morehouse of the brigantine Dei Gratia.  Their course & Mediterranean destinations were similar they discovered.  Morehouse left a week later & found the crewless & drifting Celeste on Dec. 4th.  The sextant, chronometer, & logbook were missing with the only lifeboat though all personal possessions & cargo were intact.  After an inquiry, cargo salvage rights of the derelict Celeste were granted, though with suspicion, to the Dei Gratia.  Her Boston owner sold her when his father died on her when she returned home.  Over the next 17 years, she had 13 owners...each having a jinx experience.  Her last owner, GC Parker, intentionally wrecked her off Haiti with an over-insured cargo of scrap, boots & cat food.  Arrested for fraud, Parker mysteriously dies before his trial.  Though theories abound about how the Celeste's crew disappeared, she remains the archetypal ghost ship carring a curse.  

Chesapeake Skipjack (1/2 Gallon Bottle) $125.00
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Developed in  the late 1800's as a stable platform for oyster dredging in shallow areas, the vessel is said to be modified from the Long Island Sound Sharpie.  Called a skipjack for the playful fish that were caught, the ship is a fast sailer in light winds.  In 1985, the Skipjack became the State boat of Maryland.  During the 1900's there were over 2000 Skipjacks in the Bay fishing fleet.  Presently, about 45 of the noble workhorses remain.

Shrimper w/Hatteras Lighthouse (1/2 Gal. Bottle) $90.00
Shrimper w/ Hatteras Lighthouse
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

These medium-sized wooden and/or steel boats ply the Pamlico Sound trawling for shrimp and various species of commercially valuable fish.  During storms and heavy weather dozens of these boats may often be seen seeking refuge in Ocracoke's Silver Lake. 

Shrimper w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1/2 Gal. Bottle) $85.00
Shrimper w/ Ocracoke Lighthouse
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

SS Minnow (1/2 Gal. Bottle) $85.00
SS Minnow
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Named by the show's producer Sherwood Schwartz for 1961 FCC's chairman Newton Minnow-who called TV "America's vast wasteland".  Ther were actually 4 Minnow boats used on the show.  #1 was used in the stranded beach scenes, #2 was a rental used in Honolulu Harbor opening scenes, #3 was seen leaving the Harbor in the opening, & #4 was a built set prop used in the lagoon scenes.The boat was originally built in Carson, NY and can be viewed at the Schooner Cove Marina in Vancouver. 

Shad Boat w/Lookout Lighthouse $60.00
Shad Boat
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

The Shad Boat NC's State Boat Developed by George W. Cref on Roanoke Island as a workboat in the NC Sounds.

Crissie Wright w/Lookout Lighthouse (1.5 Ltr Bottle) $75.00
Crissie Wright
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Hattie Creef w/Wright Flyer (1 Gal. Bottle)
Hattie Creef w/Flyer
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Design of a work boat of the NC Sounds.  The Elizabeth City-based Creef carried the Wright Brothers to Kitty Hawk.  She converted to steam in 1904.  The Wright Flyer had a wingspan of 40 ft., length of 21 ft. & a 12 horsepower motor.  First successful powered flight on December 17, 1903.  On the 4th trial flight, Wilbur covered 852 ft. in 59 seconds.

Barkentine Mozart w/Hatteras Lighthouse (1.5 Ltr. Bottle) $130.00

Bark Mozart
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Launched on 2/29/1903 in Greenock, Scotland, Sister ship was the Beethoven.  The rig was a compromise between power & economy.  Through her life she was owned by German, Finnish, Italian, & Norwegian investors.  In 1920 she was given up by Germany as WWI compensations.  Broken up in England in 1935.

Amistad w/Stand  (Half Gallon Bottle) $135.00

Amistad w/Stand
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

The Amistad is a replica of the slave trader schooner Amistad where, 53 Africans in 1839 took control of the ship.  The landmark trial in New Haven, CT that followed found the Africans to be "Free Men,"  & they returned to their African home.  The Amistad today educates the world about those unjust times and serves as an ambassador to Free Men everywhere.

Mercury w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1.75 LTR Bottle) $145.00

Mercury w/Ocracoke Lighthouse
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

75 ft.on deck, 6-8 cannons, 29 crew, Ocracoke Station.  Built in Ocracoke, NC.  In the Revenue Service until 1807 when she was placed in the navy.  On July 11, 1813, Captain William H. Wallace sighted British Admiral Cockburn's invasion flotilla off Ocracoke Bar.  Wallace collected Portsmouth's custom money, bonds, and Agent Thomas Singleton and out sailed 3 British ships to successfully warn New Bern.  Admiral Cockburn retired since the surprise was thwarted.  Mercury returned to Revenue Service after 1814 & was retired/sold out of service in 1820.  The Mercury was used in Dreamworks Film "The Lovely Bones" 

Carrol A. Deering w/Hatteras & Ocracoke Lights (1 Gallon Antique Wine Bottle) $350.00
Carrol A. Deering w/Hatteras & Ocracoke Lights 
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Ghostship of Diamond Shoals.  Built: Bath, ME; L=255 ft; W=44 ft, 2114 tons capacity.  Sighted off Diamond Shoals, NC with all sails set on 1/31/1921.  Mysteriously, no one was on board & all boats were gone, though food was set on the table.  Believed to be set adrift by a mutinous crew, rum runners, or pirates before a storm.  Jinxed by (1) being launched on a Friday-4/4/1919, (2) christened with flowers, & (3) had cats-the only two survivors.

Snap Dragon w/Ocracoke Lighthouse (1.75 LTR Bottle) $125.00

Snap Dragon 
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Snap Dragon w/Stand (1 Gallon Bottle) $170.00
Snap Dragon 
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

Schooner Virginia w/Stand (1/2 Gallon Bottle) $125.00
Schooner Virginia
(Click on the picture to view larger image.)

LOA: 122 ft, Beam: 24 ft, Draft: 12 ft, Sail Area: 6438 sq. ft. Commissioned in June, 2005, the Virginia is a replica of a 1917 pilot schooner that bore the same name.  Representing her home state, the Virginia serves as a sail training and educational vessel.  

Allthough we do not have individual photos of the following ships-in-bottles, they were in stock in early July, 2015. Inventory changes regularly, so prices may vary depending on size of model and bottle currently in stock. Please call for availability and more information (individual photos can be emailed).


Click on photo to view a larger image.
  • The Schooner Paragon of Ocracoke, $65 - $70
  • Anna R. Heidritter, $88
  • Schooner Freedom Amistad, $75
  • The 1851 Cup Winner Yacht America, $65
  • Mysterious Privateer S. Patriot, $72
  • 1885 Americas Cup Defender Puritan, $115
  • Carolina Sharpie Hattie Creef, $68 - $75
  • Schooner Virginia Dare, $84 - $90 
  • The Carroll A. Deering, Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals, $92 - $275
  • Outer Banks Lighthouses, $98 
  • Cape Lookout Lighthouse, $20 - $35
  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse $20 - $35
  • Ocracoke Lighthouse, $20 - $35
  • Privateer Brig General Nash, $160
  • Skipjack Wilma Lee, $85
  • Blackbeard's Adventure, $110 - $120
  • S.S. Minnow, $85
  • George W. Wells, $265
  • 1812 Privateer, Snap Dragon, $135
  • Schooner Virginia, $145
  • Schooner Windfall II, $150
  • Pilot Cutter Jolie Brise, $75
  • Pirate Brig Ranger, $160
  • Capt. Sinbad's Meka II, $130
  • HMS Bounty, $185
  • Barque Roanoke, $430
  • Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge, Call for price


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