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Ocracoke Cook Book
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We carry a number of Ocracoke and other Outer Banks cookbooks. Take a look at the selections below for tasty local and area recipes.

Catching & Cooking Shrimp
Shrimp Cookbook

Catching & Cooking Shrimp by Lynette L. Walther  (1986, 124 pages, spiral bound) More than 150 delicious shrimp recipes, fully illustrated.
Item No: WMC001
Qty:Price: $13.95

Catching & Cooking Crabs
Crab Cookbook

Catching & Cooking Crabs by Lynette L. Walther  (1983, 93 pages, spiral bound) 80 delicious Crab recipes, fully illustrated.
Item No: WMC002
Qty:Price: $13.95

Shellfish Heritage Cookbook
Shellfish Cookbook

Shellfish Heritage compiled by Robert Robinson  (1981, 72 pages, spiral bound) More than 40 delicious Shellfish recipes, fully illustrated.
Item No: WMC003
Qty:Price: $19.95

The Early American Cookbook
Early American Cookbook

The Early American Cookbook by Dr.Kristie Lynn & Robert Pelton  (2005, 170 pages) More than 150 Authentic favorites for the modern kitchen, fully illustrated.
Item No: WMC004
Qty:Price: $12.95

Seafood Cookbook
Seafood Cookbook

Seafood Cookbook by "The Cooking Ladies" (1993, 112 pages) Mouth-watering recipes from two eastern North Carolina sisters who know their seafood!
Item No: TCL001
Qty:Price: $6.50

Love that Tuna
Tuna Cookbook

Love that Tuna by Carmen Gray & Dorothy Hope  (1987, 49 pages) Everything you ever wanted to know about handling, cleaning and cooking tuna.
Item No: CDP001
Qty:Price: $6.00


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