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Stained Glass

Alison Ellis, from Hyde County, NC,  has been designing and building custom stained glass windows since 1989.  She has over 20 years of experience in traditional lead-came windows and in the copper-foil technique.  Many of Alison's pieces include hand-painted, kiln-fired details.  Alison  also  makes stained glass lampshades.  Click here to move to the bottom of the page to view her lampshades.  All lamps  include the base.

Below is a sampling of Alison's work. Since these pieces are one of a kind, please call for our current inventory.

Ocracoke Lighthouse 

Ocracoke LH

Ocracoke Lighthouse (6" tall)
Item No: AE001
Qty:Price: $32.00

Hatteras Lighthouse

Hatteras Lighthouse Stained

Hatteras Lighthouse (7 1/2" tall)
Item No: AE002
Qty:Price: $32.00

Bodie Lighthouse

Bodie Lighthouse

Bodie Lighthouse (8" tall)
Item No: AE003
Qty:Price: $32.00

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout Lighthouse (7 1/2" tall)
Item No: AE004
Qty:Price: $32.00

Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse (8" tall)
Item No: AE005
Qty:Price: $32.00

Small Ocracoke Lighthouse

Small Ocracoke Stained Glass

Small Ocracoke Lighthouse (2 1/2" tall)
Item No: AE006
Qty:Price: $16.00

Small Currituck Lighthouse

Small Currituck

Small Currituck Lighthouse (4 1/2" tall)
Item No: AE007
Qty:Price: $16.00
Small Bodie Lighthouse

Small Bodie Lighhouse

Small Bodie Lighthouse (4 1/2" tall)
Item No: AE008
Qty:Price: $16.00

Small Hatteras Lighthouse

Small Hatteras

Small Hatteras Lighthouse (4 1/2" tall)
Item No: AE009
Qty:Price: $16.00


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